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The Not so Mysterious Case of the Missing Dress

May 18, 2013

I know moving is never easy but it is even harder when you are not prepared and completely disorganized.  That was pretty much the situation with the kind of move I went through in the relocation from Florida to Maryland.  Oh those rueful thoughts of “if only I could go back I would do that differently” and “I should have done that” and “where did I put such and such”, the list could go on and on.  When you take all of the hindsight and couple it with the fact that you are still unable to unpack months and months later you have a really sad situation.

My move was insane, I was more unprepared than I had imagined once it came time for the movers to arrive.  I believe I traveled to hell and back that night before and after the movers came.  I believe I am still traumatized and may even have gaps in my memory due to the fact that my brain is trying to protect me, yes, it was that bad.  The move that was so bad that I have announced that I plan on NEVER moving again…ever!  I know, “never say never”, but for certain I am never moving so much myself again.  Oh the humanity!

All these memories came flooding back a few weeks ago as I was unable to find a few items that I had seen the previous week when opening a few boxes at my house.  I was going through boxes just to remember what I had and to look for a few things.  I came across several old and new friends that I can’t wait to find a place for once my house is ready.  I made a mental note to take a dress that still had the tags the following week when I returned to peruse some more boxes.

When I returned to revisit the boxes I had opened I couldn’t find the dress anywhere-I was in a panic.  I looked through all the opened clothes boxes three times.   I decided to leave and return another day to look again.  When I left my house I remembered three other distinct pieces of clothing that I didn’t remember seeing during the re-visitation.

My sister joked that someone had gotten in and taken the box.  I knew no one would come to take a box of my used clothes…but I didn’t rule out the possibility of a mischievous ghost.  Yes, I was that panic stricken and desperate.  My sister and mom had asked if I could have seen the clothes I was missing in any other box.  I haughtily informed them that I only put clothes in the boxes marked “clothes”.  So I was left wondering and fretting as to where that box could have gone to.

This picture was running through my mind.

This picture was running through my mind.

We returned to the house and again, I looked through the boxes and still found nothing.  My sister even went to the attic to make sure no playful spook had decided to play a trick and put the box up there.  I finally decided to look in one of my big miscellaneous boxes, I removed the two throw pillows that were the first items, and then saw the mysterious disappearing clothes deeper in the box.  I had to confess to my mother and sister that I had indeed found them in a box marked “miscellaneous” and admitted I hadn’t been as meticulous as I had thought regarding the packing of all my clothes apparently.  Serves me right for being so smug about the way I marked my boxes.

So, when I finally do get to unpack who knows what I will find in each box, how many things I will ask myself “why oh why, did I bring this?”  I am sure I will be asking that question more often than I will care to admit.  I am glad I did find the items for my own piece of mind and glad that we didn’t have an unseen trickster but I do not confess the same gladness at realizing the one thing I thought I was organized about in the move I wasn’t.  Unpacking should be quite an adventure when the time comes.


Renewed Hope Through Old Memories

March 30, 2013

Have you ever woken up one day and wondered “How the heck did I get here?”  I am sure most of us have and some of us have had more than one of these days, I know that I have.  These “what the heck” days seem to be coming more frequently which I suppose is only to be expected as we grow older and see time pass us by with so many things left undone and unresolved-though I still have those periods where time seems to drag and nothing seems to move forward.

Easter Bunny Sisters-I got to dress myself-ugh!!!!

Easter Bunny Sisters-I got to dress myself-ugh!!!!

Well, this had originally turned out as a pretty depressing post; but then my sister and I went on a delightful trip down memory lane to an Easter thirty one years ago and much of the heaviness in my heart lifted and a rewrite was in order.  It is amazing how much comfort and joy that happy childhood memories can bring-the memory of how it felt to believe anything and everything was possible and worries were on the backburner.

What was this memory?  Something pretty basic, it was remembering what we got for Easter in 1982.  I was given the Rio album by Duran Duran and my sister was given Lexicon of Love by ABC.  That was one of the most joyful Easters we ever had as kids.  We spent the day listening to the records over and over, never tiring of them.  I still do the same thing when I get a new CD I like I will listen to it over and over for months and months, it is nice to know that some things never change and that we have some personality traits firmly set early on, it gives a nice sense of permanency or lunacy, I prefer to think the former.

New format but old memories

New format but old memories

I remember that wonderful Easter morning when the Easter Bunny brought my sister and me the gift of early 80’s music those were the days.  We had so much fun listening and committing the lyrics to memory and some of them have still stuck to this day.

A little bit of Easter cheer on my temporary desk

A little bit of Easter cheer on my temporary desk

These albums were gifts then and they were a gift to me today as I have been listening to them and reliving those happy feelings and memories.  Now that the years have passed and I am older, I have to completely concede that my sister definitely chose the better album of the two-though I still love Rio, ABC’s album is better musically but both are priceless for the wonderful feelings they renew.

Easter is about rebirth and renewal, and this old music and these old memories have put the joy of hope in my heart that I have not felt in quite a while and a smile on my face and a spring in my step.  A small and odd Easter miracle, but a miracle just the same so I will take it!

Hoping you have a little Cha-Cha in your step this Easter season :)

Hoping you have a little Cha-Cha in your step this Easter season 🙂

Affordable Handmade Jewelry $10 and Under from Señorita Whiskers on Etsy

March 15, 2013

I believe each day is a good day for a gift, but we do have Easter and Mother’s Day approaching. This post is just to highlight some handmade goodies in my Etsy store Señorita Whiskers all $10 or less. So if you are looking for something special and you are budget minded, or just need a little something as a pick me up for yourself please check out these affordable finds available by Señorita Whiskers!

Click on the images and it will take you to its Etsy listing.

These light and sweet earrings evoke Spring:

Fun and Bright Earrings

Fun and Bright Earrings

It’s always nice to have a little Yeti heart hanging around to put a smile on your face:

A Fun and Happy Yeti Heart Pin

A Fun and Happy Yeti Heart Pin

Lovely pale pink frosted heart drop earrings:

Lovely Hearts for Your Lonesome Lobes

Lovely Hearts for Your Lonesome Lobes

This little deluxe Vampy heart is too sweet to be scary:

Sweet Deluxe Vampy Heart

Sweet Deluxe Vampy Heart

Blue grinning skull earrings just want to hang around with you:

Blue Skull Dangles

Blue Skull Dangles

A light and pretty bracelet for your naked wrist:

Sweet and Lovely Millefiori Bracelet

Sweet and Lovely Millefiori Bracelet

The Temporary Desolation of Relocation

March 12, 2013

I have found with complete certainty that undertaking a long distance move is not for sissies!  I am also finding that I may, indeed, be a sissy.  The relocation took months to complete and that is just taking into account getting our belongings and persons into the new state.  Am I close to being settled?  No, and it will take several months from what I surmise at this time.  I am not a patient person, so perhaps that is what the sum of this experience will give me-that very virtue I woefully lack.

What I have learned without a doubt is that getting lost in Washington DC is very easy; you might also say I became somewhat of an expert on the subject-having driven through it several times on three straight drives from Miami, FL to Maryland.  I assure you this is an area where I did not hope for such expertise.   I will say that on the positive side, my panic, terror and anxiety has lessened with each experience of misdirection but it has also made me lose my faith in all things Mapquest and Google Maps.  Once the directions hit DC they get incredibly muddled, but each site did at least get me to the threshold of the nation’s capital.

My car covered in the first, and pretty much only, real snow of my first Maryland winter

My car covered in the first, and pretty much only, real snow of my first Maryland winter

The differences between Florida and Maryland are extremely vast, and I think it will take much getting used to.  One of the things I don’t miss about Florida, and will never miss about Florida, is the heat.  Ugh!  What a horrible thing the heat was, especially when your air conditioning dies a horrible death and you cannot replace its carcass.  I did enjoy my first winter in Maryland although it was on the mild side, I think it is much preferable to either extreme in the cities I have lived before-Milwaukee and Miami.

I have to admit that living in Miami for more than three quarters of my life what I miss most is the familiarity.  I think knowing where you are and knowing your way around are highly underrated-getting around in Maryland is really not as easy, getting lost however is.  Miami and the south Florida area also had many more built up areas so you could always find a place that had something you were looking for and many things were open 24 hours.  I got very spoiled with that way of life and accessibility.  Moving to a smaller city and state has been quite an adjustment to say the least.

Our eventual cozy and comfy home

Our eventual cozy and comfy home

I really hope that in time I do learn to love my new surroundings and my new state.  I pray that one day my not knowing how to get places will be a dim memory and that I won’t groan and grow anxious when getting to another part of Maryland necessitates me weaving through DC.  I pray for this but I know it will be a long time coming yet.

I have never seen a toilet paper holder/radio/telephone before

A toilet paper holder/radio/telephone left in our new home-it will not be staying nor will the pink paint

The thing I am having the hardest time with is being positive and hopeful.  I know I need to pull myself up by the bootstraps and start heading for the light at the end of the tunnel, but I haven’t been able to do that yet.  I don’t feel settled and I don’t feel like I am truly living.  I need to find a way to snap out of it and I hope that time will come soon.

The attic ceiling-I can't explain it, but it will be repainted eventually

The attic ceiling-I can’t explain it, but it will be repainted eventually

Our house, for my mother and I, needs a lot of work, more than we had anticipated.  We have started getting things done, and doing what we can ourselves with the help of our family.  We have to get more money together to continue the renovations and hopefully that will come soon…until then we are in a sort of limbo as we cannot fully settle into the house because we cannot live in it.  I know I have neglected the project since before the holidays and I have to get back into it.  Thankfully we have extremely loving and patient relatives to stay with in the meantime.  The house project is an intimidating one.  I hope that things will come together sooner rather than later and before we know it my mom and I will have a charming and welcoming home and I will find a job that I will do well and enjoy doing.

And now for something completely different.

February 13, 2013

And now for something completely different..

Tomorrow is the First Day of the Rest of My Life

August 19, 2012

ImageChange.  It is such a small word but it has such huge impact.  I must admit, I have never been the kind of girl to embrace change.  I am very much someone who has a schedule and sticks to it in pretty much all that I do and that even includes weekends.  I know I sound like SO much fun, right?  I am just very much one who likes to know what to expect, or at least to believe I know what to expect.  So how did I get to this point of resigning from my job of 7 ½ years with no job secured, and a deadline to move to a state far away without a place to move to?

Major life events can do that to you; send you spinning and catapulting you into the unknown.  That is what happened to me, a major change in the family dynamic and one for the better that has left my mother and me searching for a new place to live far from Miami where we have lived over three decades-the vast majority of my life.  I may as well be honest and come right out and say that I have never liked Miami and obviously as a little kid I didn’t have much say in the matter.

I missed the seasons of Milwaukee, my hometown, and the feeling of being accepted and just being comfortable.  I cannot honestly say I have ever felt at home in Miami, sure I am used to it by now and it is very familiar but I am not in love with the city and never will be.  Of course, my aversion to heat doesn’t help, pretty much with very few exceptions; Miami is hot all year round.  90’s in January?  No thanks, I can definitely pass on that.  I love seasons and my favorites are autumn and winter.  I know, boy have I been living in the wrong place.

What has kept me here?  The feeling of familiarity, the fear of change and of taking a risk which is why it took something outside of myself to propel me to give something new a chance.  There is so much to do, like finding a place to live extra fast…this has really been a challenge since we have many considerations; but I hope and pray we will find a livable space for Moo (my mother) and me.  We have so much left to pack up and we need to get a move on it.

A new chapter is about to begin, and I don’t know what will be on the page after I turn this one.  There certainly will be things that I will miss about Miami.  I will miss the lizards; they are so familiar to me now.  I will miss how the city never sleeps and how there are always people about and there is always something open somewhere and I will certainly miss the sourdough cheeseburgers at Swensens.  Miami has been my home for over 30 years and even though I have never truly acclimated myself to her, I am still very grateful that she has given me a place to live and to learn so much in the many years I have been here.

I am scared, I have no idea what to expect and I have never done anything like this in my life.  However, I know it’s about time that I did.  I don’t have to choose to be unhappy in my surroundings just because they are familiar-I can scout out my happy surroundings or at least take the gamble of finding them.  I may fail but I may succeed there are no guarantees in life.  I may just find that my only regret will be not having taken a chance sooner.

Sign and Save

June 5, 2012

An entertaining piece on Merchant’s House in NY, and a link to add your signature to a petition to preserve a piece of history from the plague of boutique hotels.

Sign and Save.