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Farewell Sweet Bunny~Remembering Lady Boo

January 8, 2012

The gorgeous Lady Boo

This morning of January 7th had us saying goodbye to one of the feistiest and most glorious bunnies our family has ever known, Lady Eowyn which in all honesty we may have called her twice, she was called Lady Boo or Lady Potato/Bootato.  She was the perfect Lady Boo.  She was a spitfire and a force to be reckoned with, she was two handfuls but worth every minute of trouble she caused.

The indomitable black and white Dutch rabbit who came to be known as Lady Boo came to live with us over 10 ½ years ago.  We got Lady Boo from an animal rescue in Fort Lauderdale, we had already been cleared by the House Rabbit Society from a previous adoption.  We took Thurber (the magical bunny from previous blogs) on a “date” to meet her, she had been abandoned twice, and see if they were compatible.  They were and we brought her home.  My mom and I went to get some fresh vegetables and supplies for our new addition and when we came back we found my sister in tears.

Lady Boo and her first love Thurber

While my mom and I were out Lady Boo had been charging Thurber repeatedly and knocking him over.  Thurber had a head tilt and couldn’t groom other bunnies; she didn’t understand this and was upset he wasn’t showing her proper attention.  My sister had read where we could put them nose to nose and “groom” her so she would think Thurber was doing the grooming.  It worked like a charm and they were inseparable until his death.

Lady Boo was such a character, fiercely devoted to Thurber and fearless.  We moved to our current home a few months after we got her.  She did not enjoy the car ride, but she did enjoy terrorizing the cats once we got here.  The bunny area was right off the main kitchen area and when we first moved in we didn’t have a door to the kitchen.

Lady Boo would hop out of the kitchen, chase cats around the living room, and even follow them into the garage-we had a cat door put in.  We would try and catch her in the garage and bring her back in.  You could always tell when she was in hot pursuit of a cat, by the confused and frantic run of the cat crossing your path.  The cat would dash by nervously and then Lady Boo would come hopping after.  It was adorable but she was naughty.

I am convinced that Lady Boo could hear a piece of paper fall a mile away.  You had to be quick, if you dropped a piece of paper, an envelope or even a sheet of stickers-she would be on it in two seconds flat happily chewing away, our little goat girl.  She also loved sneaking Meow Mix which is bad for rabbits, but she would try to catch us off guard whenever she could and chase a cat away from their bowl and dig in.

Lady Potato was completely devoted to Thurber and did not like any other animal coming near him, he was hers and she had fully staked her claim.  This brings me to one of the most hilarious memories we have of Lady Boo and that is saying a lot since she was quite a character.  My father came to visit in June of 2002 and on his road trip he brought a rabbit with him, not the wisest thing my dad had ever done.

My father drove from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Miami, Florida with a car filled to the brim and a black and white lop eared bunny next to him.  My father had gotten the rabbit, who he named Fluffy, from a friend who couldn’t keep it.  My dad called us for tips on taking care of the bunny and thought he could handle it.  Once he got here we saw the poor bunny in a little carrier and my sister immediately set up an area for him and set him free.  He was sweet and adorable, such a little sugar cube.  When the time came for my father to head back home, we knew that the rabbit should stay here and that another car trip and my dad’s well meaning but lacking care would not serve Fluffy well.  My dad saw how well my sister cared for Thurber and Lady Boo and saw how happy they were and decided to leave the rabbit with us.

Unbeknownst to my father the rabbit was renamed the much more fitting Chesterton.  We then had the quit daunting, and we didn’t know just how daunting, task of blending our own two bunnies with Chesterton.  My sister got Thurber’s old hutch out from the garage, our rabbits are not caged or hutched, they are free, and so we could put Chesterton in the hutch and put him in the bunny area.  Lady Boo was furious.

I have never seen anything before or since like Lady Boo’s reaction to Chesterton.  Lady Boo went up to the hutch stood on her hind legs, grabbed the wire with her front paws and teeth and rattled and shook the wire siding of the hutch, surprising Chesterton and us. While her reaction was alarming it was also one of the most hilarious sights I have ever seen.

We eventually had to try and see how they would get along and had to let Chesterton out. Thurber and Chesterton got along wonderfully.  Thurber loved all animals and people, he was so amazing.  Lady Boo was having none of it; she didn’t like him by her man Thurber and would chase him away, once biting poor Chesterton’s ear until he cried out, but he never held a grudge and every once in a while still tried to befriend her.

Lady Boo and Chesterton

After Chesterton’s companion, Theodora, passed away he went into a deep mourning.  Chesterton’s mourning moved Lady Boo and she accepted him into the Thurber/Lady Boo circle. We eventually got another little bunny, a black and white Dutch male named E.B., Lady Boo was not a fan of poor E.B. The new little bunny got along with both Chesterton and Thurber but Lady Boo kept fighting with him.

After the passing of our beloved Thurber, Lady Boo and Chesterton bonded further.  He was ever the solicitous gentleman and loved his Lady.  They were an inseparable and sweet and loving couple.  Eventually sweet little Chesterton passed away, a sweet and noble little soul until the last.  Even with the passing of her beloved Chesterton Lady Boo would not have anything to do with E.B., they fought terribly and enclosures were used to keep each of them safe.

Time did not bring E.B. and Lady Boo closer together she had fought and rebuffed him so often that he became aggressive towards her.  They were two surly bunnies that wouldn’t give in even though each was lonesome for company.  Lady Boo was in an enclosure because she would stay in as she was getting too old for high jumping.  Although the rabbits would not get along they would lay next to each other on their side of Lady Boo’s enclosure.

I was invited to the birthday party for my co-worker’s fiancé and my mom and sister were invited as well.  The party featured a hayride, which I went on and apparently there were more hayrides later but we didn’t stay until the wee hours.  My co-worker, Ana and her fiancé, Steve, asked if we wanted to take a bale of hay home for the bunnies.  We said yes.  Steve kindly put it in the trunk of my car and we brought home the full sized bale of hay.

We brought in the huge bale and the rabbits loved it…and a magical thing happened, Lady Boo and E.B. finally after years of animosity, bonded.  They formed a true and loving bond and took care of one another.  I will be forever grateful for that bale of hay and the joy and love that something so simple brought to our rabbit family.

Lady Boo and E.B. with the matchmaking bale of hay in the background

Then a few weeks ago, as happens with some bunnies, Lady Boo could not move her hips and could no longer hop around.  This was a devastating fact for such a fiery and active bunny that was very used to having things her own way.  E.B. kept her company and kept her face and ears beautifully groomed.  He also was very good about giving her space when he knew she needed it.

Last night Lady Boo seemed very tired, I think she had fought as much as she could.  My sister put some hay in the blender and mixed it with water and had been feeding her with a syringe, and she took it like a trooper.  I went to give her a kiss and rub her ears, and she was very cold, we could all tell she was fading.

My sister came to wake me on this morning to tell me that our beloved Lady Boo had passed away in her arms, peacefully.  I cried, and I will cry for a while when I think of her, of all the years we shared and of how much she is missed.  It is a funny thing that in a house full of pets, the death of one little Dutch bunny has made such a hole.  I like to think that our beloved little girl’s passing was much like the ending of “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” but better; because instead of one love coming to take her to the other side she had two, Thurber and Chesterton.  And one day, hopefully many years from now she will come to collect the one left behind to remember her, E.B.


So in parting I will say:

The New Year rang in

After the old year passed through

It is time to say good night to our

Beloved Lady Boo

Sleep well, dear Lady, we will miss you…always.

9 Comments leave one →
  1. January 8, 2012 1:58 am

    The end of The Three. My heart is in pieces and the house echoes with the absence of her.

  2. January 8, 2012 2:04 am

    So sorry for your loss. I”m glad I got to meet Potato.

  3. January 8, 2012 2:09 am

    It is heartbreaking to see the last of the Holy Bunny Trinity pass on…the end of an era, one that we were lucky to have though. *hugs*

  4. Fern permalink
    January 8, 2012 2:59 am

    I am so sorry for your loss too. 😥 You have had some special little bunnies, and some wonderful and fun memories made with them. You can know that even though Lady Boo, Chesterton and Thurber are no longer there with you in body, they will always be with you in spirit. And the three of them are back together again. *hugs to you all*

    • January 8, 2012 3:40 am

      Thank you, Fern. I know they are together again, and that is a comfort. They will always be with us as all our pets that have gone before are. We certainly have so many wonderful memories, and lots of laughs. 🙂

  5. Wednesday Woe permalink
    January 8, 2012 3:06 am

    My condolences on the loss of your beloved bunny. She seemed like quite a character – I can see why she will leave a hole. She was a very lucky bunny to have had such a wonderful family as you guys to give her such a happy life. ❤

    • January 8, 2012 3:18 am

      Thank you so much, we really do miss her, it feels emptier sitting here typing this knowing she isn’t a few feet away being her own Lady Boo self. She was certainly our bunny queen, and she is sorely missed.

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