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Cool Custom Clothes for Living Dead Doll Cuties

November 5, 2011
Here is Hollywood looking her dolly best in a fantastic Fern Lusk creation

Here is Hollywood looking her dolly best in a fantastic Fern Lusk creation

I think many of you know that I love Living Dead Dolls…I do and I have since I first saw series 1 Sadie over 10 years ago at a Milwaukee Spencer’s store.  I have blogged about them before as they are something near and dear to my heart and I have really added to my collection this year.  Loving these dolls as I do, sometimes while I really like the doll but  their outfit or concept doesn’t excite me as much.

Three Lovely LDDs in their custom toggs

Three Lovely LDDs in their custom toggs

I have been very fortunate to find a friend in Fern Lusk aka Pepperoni Pizza.  She makes custom doll clothes for Living Dead Dolls as well as select ball jointed dolls.  I was thrilled to find she took to making custom clothing for LDDs and that she was very happy to help me out in my doll clothing need.  And boy, did I have a need!  Just ask poor Series 5 Hollywood.

I liked Hollywood, her sweet battered face just screamed cute to me.  Hey!  Everyone has a weird side-and loving the cute and creepy is mine.  However I was not wild about her rather adult and fitted and feathery ensemble.  So poor little Hollywood sat in her silver and inexplicably yellowing coffin waiting for me to think of something to do with her.  I knew what I wanted but never had a chance to get around to it…and my sewing skills are not top notch when it comes to doll clothing.

Three well dressed dolls in custom outfits by the incomparable Fern Lusk

I explained to Fern what I wanted and sent the fabric I had in mind.  She whipped up the dress I had envisioned and she added an apron for good measure.  I was delighted with the results.  I simply braided Hollywood’s wild platinum mane, my sister gave me Annabelle Lee’s shoes and socks, I added a little “blood” to her hair and shoes and she was done.  Hollywood became the doll I always imagined she could be thanks to the amazingly awesome sewing talents of Fern Lusk-known on Etsy as Pepperoni Pizza with her store House of Baha.

Dottie in her amazing "Lolita" dress

Fern had actually started me going on the entire Living Dead Doll clothing custom train when she sent, as a gift, a “Lolita” style dress for my Dottie Rose.  Dottie was another doll I loved with her pink hair and pink eyes, but her dress just didn’t do it for me.  However, in the dress that Fern made, Dottie has raised 20 notches and looks a real treat in it.  The dress compliments her so well and is just perfectly lovely.

Well, once someone gets me going I continue to go on a roll.  I bought the Resurrection V set…and while I really like Penny with her two tone hair and her anarchy eyes…I really, really, didn’t like her dress.  Fern to the rescue.  I told her I really liked an outfit she had in her store and could she reverse the fabrics?  I wanted a black dress and striped arm and leg warmers instead of striped dress and black warmers.  As always, Fern delivered the goods and wonderfully made as well.  I am thrilled with Penny’s new outfit and I like it so much better.

Penny sitting pretty in her picture perfect new outfit by Fern

I keep Fern busy as do many of her repeat customers, there are some very exciting things she is working on for me, and I will be sure to share them with you once they are complete and on my dolls.  This is a real part of what makes collecting Living Dead Dolls fun-the community, the creativity, and the camaraderie.  I am very fortunate to have met Fern, and my dolls can’t help but agree!

You can contact Fern through her Etsy store for custom doll clothing of your own here!


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  1. November 5, 2011 12:52 am

    So pretty. The clothes are awesome and I still dream of that kitten fabric. . in a skirt for me!

  2. Fern permalink
    November 5, 2011 1:18 am

    Wow, Elvie, thank you! I am quite flattered! (You just say the nicest things!) Res. Penny is now perfect. You had a brilliant vision for Hollywood – the touches of blood in her hair was just amazing! She looks like a doll that I would actually buy now! (I had the same issues with her as you did.) And Penny looks so pretty! I’m still working on Annabelle’s dress, and then there’s those other treats. 😉 I am more than happy to help you out with your dolls. I enjoy sewing for them very much, and am thrilled to be able to help out a fabulous friend anytime she needs. 😀

    I know you love that kitten fabric, Lapinfille. I’m sorry that I only had one small little piece!

    • November 5, 2011 1:56 am

      I am so lucky and happy that you enjoy sewing for my dolls! You turn them into the dream dolls they have the potential to be for me. I know Annabelle is going to be out of this world-you know pictures and post to follow that one. I love sharing your talent with people so if they ever have the need for custom clothing for their LDDs they will know exactly who to go to. 😀

  3. Kara permalink
    December 2, 2011 10:13 pm

    wow! they all look so cute!! :3

    i have only 2 LDDs which i got last christmas & am now actually starting to like them, i asked dad to get me more this year to 😀

    Fern did a really good job 🙂 i’ve gotta go check out her Etsy store now!! x3333

    • December 2, 2011 11:18 pm

      She really does do a terrific job, and she is wonderful to work with-she has no problem doing a custom job to your specifications! I will be posting more of her handiwork in the future as I get more. 😀

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