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Custom Clothing for Pipos BJD-Glad Rags for Dolls!

September 27, 2011

On the evening of August 3rd, 2011 I received a package.  A package.  You might well wonder what could be so special about a package, especially to someone, such as I, who receives them with great regularity.  It contained beautiful and amazing wonders, a Pipos pink Baha and custom clothing by the über talented Fern Lusk aka Pepperoni Pizza.

Tillie in her adorable romper made from retro style kitty fabric with handmade plushie

Fern works magic with a needle and thread because she puts creativity and heart into every piece.  I only regret that it has taken this long to get this post done due to several extenuating circumstances.  My wonderful sister known in photography circles as Lapinfille was able to take the pictures, and do these wonderful outfits justice.

Tillie the Pipos Baha in and adorable floral dress and bloomers, custom made by Fern

 I had been admiring the adorable bjds that Fern has on her blog and makes clothes for namely her adorable kitty Honeysuckle who was a Pipos Baha, she is now a Pipos Heero…but that’s another story.  I fell in love with her cute kissable kitty face and those adorable paws, and that she happened to be the best-dressed kitty around could not be overlooked either.

Tillie watching a scary movie...and well being a scaredy cat

I communicated this admiration to my friend, and when her sister was selling her pink Baha Fern offered me dibs.  I had just sold two vintage items from my Etsy store and I was able to buy the adorable Pipos bjd.

Tillie taking a moment to admire her face-up and striped frock from the House of Baha

I don’t know anything about bjds or how to do a “face up”, I only found out what that even was by looking it up.  Fern, being a friend to help a friend in need, offered to do the face up for me.  I readily agreed, as I would have no idea of where to begin.  May I say she did a wonderful job?  I love her little face, so perfect and lovely.  I named her Tillie.  Fern’s generosity didn’t end there, far from it.  She included an entire wardrobe for my little kitty, and what a wardrobe it is!

Tillie trying to sneak up on a record player dressed to the 9's by Fern Lusk

The clothes are absolutely lovely and beautifully made.  It is so very hard to decide which one to leave her in…which is why I will have to change them up regularly.  She came in a cutie pie of a jumper.

Sweet little honey in her honey of a romper

A pink fabric with retro style kitties on it and frilly trim.  When I removed the bubble wrap I literally let out a gasp as I took in her outfit and the adorable handmade snuggly plush friend that she was holding.  Then after holding her and looking at her and basking in her loveliness, I had to examine the rest of the goods.

Tillie just hanging out with a friend in a gorgeous custom romper by Fern Lusk

My sweet little Tillie was given a beautiful pink felt coat with white trim and flower buttons-simply beautiful and she looks a real treat in it. What every well dressed Pipos needs to top off their outfit when braving the sometimes not so great outdoors.  The coat is sweet and pretty and decidedly feminine which Tillie is all in favor of, she is a very girly-girl…um…cat…um…doll.

Tillie in the woods, but she is sure to be warm in the beautiful custom coat by Fern Lusk

Next up is this sweet little floral number with adorable pantaloons.  It is just darling and of course fits Tillie perfectly because it was handmade for her especially by the wonderful Fern.  Fern specializes in custom clothing for Pipos PI and Jr PI and for Living Dead Dolls-which I certainly will address in another post.  Tillie looks adorably sweet in her custom togs.

Tillie ready for a party in her beautiful custome striped dress

When Tillie wants to look her Baha best she has a beautiful striped custom frock as well.  She looks absolutely darling in this lovely dress.  Sweetly prim and proper the very picture of the perfect little lady Tillie adores wearing her finery.  She looks ready to attend a party in this wonderful dress.

Oh no she's falling! Don't worry she's sitting pretty in a custom outfit by the talented Fern Lusk

The only problem now is that Tillie is lonesome for her sister Mitzy-that hopefully won’t be too long in coming.  I have hopes for a second Pipos in my future and I wouldn’t have her outfitted by anyone else other than the fabulous Fern Lusk.  You can buy clothes for your own Pipos from Fern’s Etsy store House of Baha and convo her for a special custom request-you certainly won’t be sorry you did and your own Pipos will be thrilled with the results.

Tillie getting ready for a nap with her handmade plushie friend

Visit Fern’s sewing blog and check out what she can do click here!

4 Comments leave one →
  1. September 27, 2011 12:38 am

    Super pretty clothes and kitty. Fern is so talented. I don’t understand the Pipos world but she’s adorable. And I want a skirt in that kitty fabric!

    • September 27, 2011 12:57 am

      I love my Tillie, she is such a cutie, with that face, those paws and those amazing clothes. I wouldn’t mind having a skirt in that fabric myself…all the clothes are adorable, and that little kitty plushie-I am in Pipos Heaven! 😛

  2. Fern permalink
    September 27, 2011 1:21 am

    Thanks so much, Elvie! I think I am almost blushing with the wonderful things you said about me. I was so happy to make those little things for you to send along with her – you do wonderful things for me too. Wanted to share the love in return. ❤ Tillie looks amazing, and once again, Veronica rocked it with the pictures. (That one with herlooking in the mirror – WOW!) She looks so alive! And so happy….and sweet…..I knew she was a PERFECT fit for you!

    • September 27, 2011 10:16 am

      So glad you liked it-and so sorry it took so long in coming! I love her, she is such a sweet little kitty, and the clothes are absolutely beautiful. I love how the pictures came out, and actually had to restrain myself as to how many to include. Thank you again she is beautiful and so are the wonderful clothes and perfect plushie you made for her.

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