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One Fangy-tastic Cat!

July 14, 2011

We three Ebert gals have been suckers from way back.  One such instance made us the recipients of one of the cutest and smartest cats ever to come our way.  What was the name of this gorgeous gray striped beautiful creature with white boots?  Fangy.  Yes, her name was Fangy, and she was adorable.  She was very naughty too; of course it’s no surprise, because she liked my sister best. 


Fangy the kitten talking to the camera

A litter of kittens was found underneath the portable where my sister was having class.  The little kitten that would soon be called Fangy was the runt of the litter.  My sister called my mother at work to ask her if she could bring home a tiny kitten she found.  We had just gotten a little tortoise shell kitten named Ludwig a couple of days earlier since our only cat Sebastian had just passed away.  Using a sibling tactic that goes way back, she used the argument that the new kitty was mine and this kitten would be hers.  In her defense, I did want Ludwig to bond with me. 


My mother relented, who could leave a poor defenseless kitten abandoned?  I had gotten home first and my mother had relayed the story to me, I was about to get miffed in true big sister fashion when I opened the door to my sister.  My unjust anger simply melted away when I saw the most adorable kitten in her hand.  Fangy was a cutie pie with big green eyes, great coloring and sweet face.  How could I be mad when my sister’s clever psychological machinations brought this angel with fur to our door?  I couldn’t, I simply thought “Way to go Veronica!”

Young Fangy just relaxing in our room


Fangy was a hoot and very vocal, she and I would have “discussions” which drove my poor sister batty.  I couldn’t resist because I loved her meow, and she would modulate it in answer to mine.  Yes, I was a nut I was meowing back and forth with a cat-I was a kid give me a break.  (Please pay no attention to the fact that I did the same into my adulthood). 


I will never forget how she lost her murder trial because well, I was her defense attorney.  Yes my sister and I were completely kooky but Veronica and I could have fun without TV, video games, music or any manufactured entertainment and we still can.  Let me tell you, my sister made one darn good prosecutor.  She finally got it out of Fangy that the murder weapon was, indeed, a bag of kitty litter.  Fangy’s eyes gave away the secret and I knew her goose was cooked. 


Oh, and she was smart and calculating and crafty.  In the third and final place we lived with Fangy, she learned how to help herself and her furry friends to the cat food.  She would jump on the refrigerator and hang over the front, open the cabinet, reach in with her paw and tip the bag so the food would cascade to the floor. 


She also ate my Combos and Whoppers.  I woke up on two different occasions; one I found the empty carton of Whoppers-there had been half a carton left and in the other instance I found the empty bag of Combos-again a bit more than half a bag had been left.  Never mind that I could never have a whole piece of American cheese to myself, the cats would hear the wrapper and I would HAVE to share.  I really didn’t mind sharing I would fold it into fours, one square for me the rest for the cats-they were adorable and grateful. 

Fangy taking time to stop and eat the roses


Once for a very short time, I got to experience what is was like to be Fangy’s favorite.  My sister was away for around two months upon her return she was soundly given a meowing to by Fangy.  Fangy refused to give Veronica the time of day for two solid weeks to teach her a lesson for abandoning her.  In those two weeks Fangy lavished her attention on me and tried to make sure my sister knew it.  Veronica and Fangy made up and I was back to playing distant second fiddle.  It was okay though, because I knew she loved me too.

A mature and lovely Fangy giving us an adorable "Fangy" look


We still miss her, she was so special.  She was such a real presence in our lives, a member of the family and such a personality.  I love her and I know one day we’ll meet again.


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  1. July 14, 2011 12:43 am

    I want to cry. Such a dear little one.

  2. Fern permalink
    July 14, 2011 1:57 am

    Fangy was absolutely beautiful! You know, that whole meowing to the cats? Lol, we do it all the time….and the cats love it. 😛 (Its fun to have a conversation with them in their language. ;)) Fangy was quite clever – spilling the food like that! It’s bittersweet sometimes reminiscing about ones that you’ve loved and lost, but they are always with you on some level, like they never left. I know in Heaven, Fangy is smiling right now knowing she was just talked about on earth. 😀 (And maybe she’s playing right now with my beloved Kit!)

    • July 14, 2011 10:22 am

      Aha! So glad I found another group of cat talkers. 😛 Yes we still miss her over 10 years later, but we wouldn’t trade the sorrow of losing her for the joy of having her. Obviously the pictures are before the digital age and some are over 20 years old-but they are adorable anyway. Fangy was one of those scary smart cats (like Calliope) but she was cute and sweet too and really entertaining. I am sure she is still helping herself to whoppers and combos. 😉

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