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Senorita’s Vintage Beginnings

May 25, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa Ebert's Wedding Picture

I have to get busy with some vintage items that have been hanging around a bit.  There just seems to be so many steps, first asking my incredibly talented and generous sister to take pictures of the items.  V, I know you are reading this.  😀  Then inspecting everything and writing a description and pricing the goodies too.  There really are some nice items to put up and two favorites are a vintage bathing suit and vintage woolen tartan cape-fabulous finds in great vintage condition.

There is a good reason for that too, they belonged to my grandma, our dad’s mom.  Grandma was a loveable one of a kind character, she was smart as a whip and cute as button.  She was also a ratpacking shopaholic!  Ah Grandma would buy things because they were on sale,  things neither she nor any sane person would ever wear or use along side of some wonderful things she just never bothered to wear.  She constantly bought things with others in mind…the items just sometimes never made it to their intended recipient.  Sometimes she would go through her closets and drawers and if we were visiting would give up piles of goods, and sometimes she would ship them down to us.  Those “grandma packages” are some of the happiest memories of my youth.

I still have items she had packed away for me in her dresser that she gave me on some of my last visits with her, those things I will not part with.  She will have been gone 10 years this June; but she will never be forgotten and lives on in my heart, mind and soul everyday.  I think it a great tribute to her to pass on some of her great finds and those will be some of the vintage items I will list-random goodies bought for no one in particular but because they caught her eye or were a good price.  My grandma’s shopping mania can now be someone’s found treasure.  So if and when someone snatches up those items from grandma’s closet there will be love and happy memories attached too.

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  1. May 25, 2011 12:31 am

    It’s inherited! Well the shopping mania. Hee.

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