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Beads in Waiting

May 17, 2011

The above picture is of some of my beads in waiting.  I went on a bead mission last weekend.  I was planning and plotting all day to go to a local art store on the way home and check out their bead stash and buy some to replenish my stock.  The day before both my sister and my friendly crafty space neighbor aka BCF (best co-worker friend) forwarded me some information regarding a bead sale at another store beginning Sunday.  I had two bead stops mapped out for my weekend. 

Friday after work I made my way to the art store.  It was so hard keeping a limit on my purchase, and even then I didn’t control myself much.  I left the store with a very nice haul of semiprecious stones and beads.  I was pleased with my findings.  I was not very pleased, however, with the out and out rudeness of drivers as I was trying to exit the parking lot.

I had to wait for two lights and about 50 cars to pass me by before anyone would let me onto the side street to get out of the parking lot.  I cursed myself several times for not trying the exit onto the much busier road even though it would have taken me out of my way.  I reflected on the discourteous drivers in my city, as I do pretty much everyday because I pretty much drive everyday.  *growl*

Then I just had to wait for Sunday.  We made our usual rounds after church and then had to wait for 10am for the store with the bead sale to open.  We went into another store and did a small amount of retail damage there before making our way to next door and the bead aisle.  Ah, beads, so many beads-but only a certain price category on sale.  Unfortunately another couple of shoppers felt the need to keep commenting on the beads on sale and on their plans for them.  I still managed to track down some very nice beads with my mother and sister helping me.  All in all I was very pleased with all my stone and bead acquisitions this weekend.

I do wish that I got more of two certain types of beads, but I don’t know if I am ready to go back and brave getting out of that parking lot again.  🙂 

You should be seeing these beads transformed into jewelry in my Etsy store soon!

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