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My Crafty Space

May 14, 2011

I know that oftentimes when people have a crafting blog or a blog of their artwork a picture is provided of their workspace or studio.  I, unfortunately, do not have a studio or a designated workspace either.  I hope to be able to clear a workspace for myself once I get organized and get rid of things.  I also hope after this mighty endeavor is completed that I will then have more time too. 

I get to work about two hours before I start every morning.  I do this because 1. I like to beat the terrible Miami traffic and 2. I am nuts.  I know I way overdo the early bird thing, and I also know it stems back from being a kid and being late to everything by no fault of my own.  I can tell you as soon as I was responsible for getting myself where I needed to be I have been consistently very early.  Sorry, I went off the subject there for a moment.  Anyway, this gives me free time before I start working.  I use this free time to make my jewelry.  So…my workspace is my desk space.  I stack my beading boxes up on piles of paper and files, move my keyboard and work until I have to begin my other job.

Throughout the day I sometimes find little seed beads under my paperwork, the ones that rolled away.  My carpet has evidence of my jewelry making ways as well.  There are little beads here and there as well as a bit of beading wire hanging around now and then.  Obviously, the vacuum doesn’t visit my workspace often, I believe the carpet is gone over once a week, and at that time spots are missed.  Every once in a while a really nice stone or bead will escape and roll onto the floor, believe me I will then be on all fours under my desk tracking the missing lovely.  I am so glad I am by myself in the early morning as this wouldn’t be a pretty sight.

So there you have it-my jewelry making/sewing/writing/creating space.  A sad used gray desk that has seen better days in a gray cubicle.  I do put pretty things on my cubicle wall because after all, I do spend most of my day at work.  You don’t see the prettiest wall in the picture because it has pictures of my boyfriend and he is completely opposed to having his picture anywhere on the internet.  The point is, it would be nice to have a pretty and peaceful place to work on my jewelry and other crafts; but you don’t need a perfect space to do something you enjoy-you can make do with what you have.  Having said that, that desk chair is THE most uncomfortable chair in the world.  😀

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  1. Fern permalink
    June 8, 2011 5:02 am

    That was the neatest post. I enjoyed reading it SO much. I do have to say, that chair looks mighty uncomfortable! I’m glad you get some jewelry making time in your otherwise glum day. Lol, you ought to see MY “work” space!!! Not very pretty either! 😛

  2. June 8, 2011 10:15 am

    Thank you so much! Oh this chair is really uncomfortable-hopefully I will be getting a “new to me” one soon. Yes it’s nice and sometimes sad to start off the day doing something I really enjoy. 😛 Hopefully someday you and I will both have more appealing work spaces. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. 😀

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